Friday, February 15, 2008

Mine, all mine

My first adventure in lace knitting - behold the 'wave scarf'. I'm really pleased with this because, despite my angst about tackling lace knitting, it turned out to be really easy and created something I really love.
It's turquoise because I love the colour and it's become one of 'my colours', it's soft, beautiful alpaca yarn which is so warm and snuggly.
It's also special because it's rare that I make anything for me. Somehow I seem to make things for everyone else and can't even remember the last time I did something for myself. I guess it's because I truly love making gifts and really get a kick out of designing something with another person in mind - considering their likes and styles, what they might love and enjoy. Trouble is I forget to include myself.
So, 2008: the year of making for me! Watch this space and you'll see more stuff just for little old moi.


Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations on making 2008 the year of making things for yourself. We deserve to have some of the things we knit for others...I currently don't have any but I have started a sweater for myself. My first thing for only ME.

10:22 pm  

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