Sunday, January 07, 2007

Techno Mum and her bag

OK this is the last post of all my Christmas makes and it shows a gift being used - the biggest compliment of all.It's Mum and her bag....and don't they look well together?
I had forgotten that it would match her coat - genius!

Not sure how long it will be before I next post as I have lots of plans for things to make and do ..... but it all takes time.

So tune in next time when I shall return with more productions from my new creative room
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A bag for Mum

I bought a bag for my Mum a few Christmases ago. It was back with large pink and green flowers, embellished with beads. It turned out to be a huge hit and went with her when she and Dad went on their big trip to Hawaii, San Francisco etc. It still looks good but I thought it was time for another one. So I took a pattern and tried to do something different.
This one is grey wool fabric, with pink felted applique flowers, pink lining and dark pink velvet trim. Complete too with a mum-friendly mobile phone pocket - it's got a velvet trim stipe so she can find it easily!
I really enjoyed making it, even if it did take a while and will definitely make some more but will use pattened fabric next time as I'm too lazy for all that applique!
Mum loves it and it's already in use - and the pocket is perfect for her NEW mobile phone......and ipod in it's new case. Just call her Techno-Mum.
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Claire Christmas Stocking

A few years ago I made personalised Christmas stockings for each person in my family reflecting each different personality. It was fun to do and started a new tradition (can you have a 'new' tradition?!). Anyway, it all gets very mysterious as, under cover of darkness, we each secretly pop a little gift in the stockings hung expectantly on our door handles.
So the exciting news at the end of last year was that my other brother David and his lovely girfriend Claire got engaged - so she's now his lovely fiance and Stephen and I gain a new sister - yay!
Of course this can only mean one thing - Claire needs a stocking. And I, of course, am happy to oblige.
It's made with felted fabric (see ipod post) and lined with lilac linen fabric with a tiny flower motif (you can't see it in the pic). Also trimmed with a dark pink silk binding.
We are all looking forward to a fab wedding in the south of France (mais oui!) and Claire is all excited about hanging her stocking on the door handle next Christmas. Congratulations David and Claire!
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Lisa bag

Lisa is my brother Stephen's very lovely and talented girlfriend (who also happens to make the most AMAZING and delicious chocolates -mmmmmmm - go Lisa!).
Anyway, I knitted this little zippy bag for her as I was insipred by the green and pink flowers on the piece of vintage fabric used to line it. This gorgeous fabric came from my Grandma some years ago and I've always loved it and wanted to do something nice with it.
The stripes are shot through with some sparkly green yarn and are different on each side. I've enjoyed making these zippy bags - I was inspired after my friend Melissa gave one to me last Christmas and it's been the most useful thing I've ever had! I've got plans for loads more, so watch out people you'll probably get these next Christmas too......
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Stripey ipod cover

My Mum joined the ipod generation in August when we bought her an ipod nano - she loves it and uses it all the time. Makes her look very on trend!
Ipods are delicate little petals so I made a little felted cover to protect it when she carries it around in her bag.
I felted two merino wool jumpers to use for the cover and lined it with a pink satin fabric. It was quite fiddly but I'm pleased with the way it turned out ...
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Liz zippy bag

More Christmas cheer - this time it's a knitted zippy bag for my wonderfully creative friend Liz. Green is one of her favourite colours and I wanted to have some some interesting contrast so I lined it with a dark pink raw silk fabric.
Liz is very happy with it, and it was fun to everyone's smiling
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Christmas cheer - Martina brooch

This is the first in a series of 'catch up' posts, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a while. I haven't been able to post for ages as I've been working on Christmas gifts....and couldn't reveal them till now!
Here's a brooch I crocheted for my friend Martina. She's my oldest friend in the world - she was born 3 weeks after me and we've been soild friends forever, spending time together as babies, children, teenagers and now as big grown ups.
This isn't the best photo in the world.....taken as it was at 1am in a hotel lobby over Christmas as I forgot to snap it before giving it to Martina. But she likes it a lot so I'm pleased, I promised her I'd post it, so here's to you M, have a wonderful New Year filled with fabulous happenings x
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